Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tearing Down Misconceptions on Printing

In the battle between print and electronic media, print is getting the smaller percentage of support from people mostly because of environmental concerns. In a survey conducted by PrintWeek, 65.2% of the respondents chose electronic media (SMS, email, etc.) as the greener option to printing. Despite great effort to explain print’s impact on the environment, people still think print is less green than e-media.

But organizations such as Friends of Paper and Print (FOPAP) are doing their best to bring new awareness to print buyers and marketers. This awareness is apparent on the 40.6% recognize print as effective as the Internet when it comes to marketing communication and the 91.2% see print and electronic communication as complementary technologies.

The greater news is most of the respondents, or a whopping 52.9%, said that print is still the most cost-effective form of advertisement and only 4.3% said that social media brings the most return on investment. With a more intensive campaign, time will come that print will no longer be the wallflower. It will rise from the ranks and work harmoniously with electronic media towards effective marketing communications.            

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