Tuesday, July 31, 2012

HP Licenses Inkjet Printer Technology to Handheld

HP recently announced that they have agreed to develop and sell printing products for the Swedish firm Handheld Group. The license is relevant to HP’s patented thermal ink technology, which the company will use to develop handheld printer for the logistics industry. The electrical, mechanical, and system design of the inkjet printer is what HP will patent to Handheld. 

Once developed, the printer can feature quick-drying, smudge-free magenta ink. According to Kathy Tobin, vice president and general manager, Specialty Printing Systems, “HP continues uncovering new applications where our inkjet technology can address specific industry challenges.  We’re excited to combine our resources with Handheld Group to create printing solutions that will simplify logistics and supply chain operations.”

Additional detail about Handheld Group is available at their website. Follow HP on Twitter @hpgraphicarts or on YouTube at www.youtube.com/hpgraphicarts.  

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  1. This would really be a great partnership of brands. And I hheared that this one's solely licensed to Handheld, the company known for manufacturing rugged PDAs, etc.