Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Consumers Still Trust Traditional Media

While digital media has considerably grown in the recent years, consumers still trust traditional media over its digital counterpart. This is according to a study conducted by Triton Digital, a digital service provider for online and traditional radio.  24,041 U.S. respondents (14,248 female and 9,752 male) were surveyed. 45% of these respondents said that they trust television when it comes to news source, 20% said newspaper, and 18% said radio. 64% also said that they were encouraged to buy products after seeing them advertised on TV, radio, or newspaper. 

Still, there are respondents who turn to the Internet for product research. Consumers these days have become adept in finding deals online. They turn to online channels when looking for information, and if they like what they find, they are most likely to take an action at once. But with more people still trusting traditional media, it should not still be neglected.  

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  1. Nothing still beats the legitimacy of printed materials. Until today, even the scholarly formats prefer printed sources than electronic ones. Anything can be created electronically. Anything false can easily be circulated online. Online media has its own perks. But when it comes to legitimacy and reliability, print media remains king.