Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What Great Flyers Should Look Like

Companies that intend to reach a wide local market can benefit a lot from printed flyers. Though we are in a highly electronic world today, flyers still prove to be effective in large scale marketing campaigns. If printed on a good quality paper in an impressive and captivating manner, people will no doubt take the flyer and read it.

The challenge now is how to create charming flyers that will draw public attention. Printers and graphic artists will tell you different ways to create the best flyers, but it’s still up to you to decide on how your flyers will look like. It’s up to you to make them as enthralling as possible.

This is a collection of creative and attractive flyers to help you get started with your own design.

Leese Byrns Realty – custom flyer design created by Graphic Designer Tips

Masque – artwork designed by Jason Arend

AUM Pharmacy – folded flyer designed by Rongdhonu Graphics

Paged for Business – this is another flyer designed by Rongdhonu Graphics

Woodcrafters Cabinetry – this is a flyer designed by Design Smart 


  1. I’ve had my share of less than appealing print jobs, so it’ll come as no surprise that I was being more than a little picky when I had to select somewhere to print some flyers for my boutique after relocating to Pompano Beach FL. A friend suggested I try a local printer, PCA Delta. The flyers were great. Now I use them whenever I have stuff to print. If you need printing done, I highly recommend you give them a try. Check them out at

  2. I’m planning to use flyers to target people in our local area. My plan is to email these flyers to selected people and I’m thinking of adding a cover letter. Would this be a great idea? Should I include a cover letter or not?