Sunday, September 9, 2012

SunLit Crystal: The All-In-One Ink Solution

Need better quality and more vibrant printed materials? You’re in luck as Sun Chemical, a UK-based ink manufacturer, just launched its SunLit Crystal ink, which is a sheetfed offset process ink set. It’s a vegetable oil-based ink that will produce vivid materials (calendars, magazine covers, flyers, greeting cards, and others) in various substrates such as uncoated paper, paperboard, or matte and gloss coated paper. According to the company, the SunLit Crystal ink contains organic vegetable-based renewable raw materials ranging between 75% and 82%.

The ink is currently available in UK and has been receiving great feedback from Beta testers particularly in its lithographic performance and optical properties. The ink’s composition and its environmental credentials make it an ideal ink for print buyers and users. Among the great benefits of SunLit Crystal are better print gloss and contrast as well as better drying. 

With the escalating use of electronic media these days, it also becomes more important to place higher value on the vividness of printed materials. SunLit Crystal will allow printers to create high quality and vivid prints while sustaining the effectiveness of the printing process.

If you require print work where strong visual impression is important, the SunLit Crystal ink is worth looking into. It’s an all-in-one ink solution that will help you achieve excellent visual results.          

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