Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Design Inspiration: Folded Brochures

Tweet. Like. Post. That’s all everybody does these days. They spend all day glued to their computers sending messages to almost everyone they desire. Even the business industry has jumped into the bandwagon as more and more entrepreneurs have moved to the online market and adopted modern marketing techniques.

But in today’s extremely competitive era, successful businesses don’t just focus on one marketing avenue; they take advantage of all possible avenues to get in touch with their target audience. That being said, brochures should form part of every business’ marketing program.

Beautifully crafted brochures will effectively attract potential customers and encourage them to make purchases at once. If they are happy and satisfied with their experience, they might even bring referrals to the company.

It’s not that hard to create beautiful brochures these days. The Internet, for one, is teeming with samples of well-designed brochures. Here’s an inspiring showcase of some of the most incredible folded brochures ever created:

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