Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Why Printer Ink is Expensive?

Printers and consumers have constantly been barraged with the high cost of ink. Perhaps you have heard that printer ink costs more per millimeter than Dom Perignon champagne. Why is this so? The truth is there is no complicated answer for this question. The simple truth is that manufacturers can choose to make it that expensive.

 In an article posted in PCWorld entitled, 16 PC Mysteries Solved! several reasons were given to explain the high cost of ink. One, as stated earlier, is because ink manufacturers can get away with charging that much. Although there are remanufactured inks which costs lower they are often messy to install and deliver lower print quality. And second, it’s hard to duplicate ink. 

Melissa Riofrio, PCWorld senior editor, suggests that if you need to print more than 250 pages each month, you are better off with an expensive printer. Chances are the ink for expensive printers costs less. Whereas with low priced printers, the manufacturer often channel their profits on ink, that’s why they tend to put the prices up on ink and toner replacements. However, if you need to print less than 250 pages, you will be better off with a least expensive printer that matches your needs.

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  1. And the high cost of genuine ink is the same reason why many alternative refill stations have sprouted from everywhere. They're good enough for office use like printing documents and whatnot. But they're no good for graphics and design-sensitive needs.