Sunday, August 19, 2012

What’s the Key to Profitability and Long-Term Success in the Print Industry?

Too often clients just nod with everything you say and recommend, and then go home to realize that what you suggested doesn’t fit their need. Instead of finalizing the details and getting on with the print job, you end up wasting time redoing everything until it fits your client’s need.

The ability of a printing company to design materials for print and get clients involved early in the process is the key factor to success in the print industry. According to an article by MyPrintResource, what sets a print shop from others is its ability to “carry design right through the finishing process, match printed materials to a client’s Web presence, create special folds and effects, and design pieces that save the client money in mailing costs.”

Print providers agree that carrying the design from start to finish is crucial in gaining customer satisfaction. Lou Goldberg, president of New Haven, CT-based Goodcopy, said that “The more control you have over the job, the better it is for everyone. You want to be able to make your client happy. Deadlines are very tight, and if you can control all aspects of the project, you can meet everyone’s needs.”

Similarly, the ability of the print company to match print and web design is crucial as more and more companies these days are directing their prospective clients to their websites. Additionally, if the company can offer cost-effective mailing cost, the more they will become valued partners of their trusted clients.

Good graphic design capabilities partnered with impressive print solutions will definitely help print shops grow over the years. As Goldberg said, “customers like one-stop shopping” these days. Providing them everything they need in one place will encourage them to come back again and again.    

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