Friday, February 22, 2013

10 Amazing examples of inspirational Direct Mail Designs

Are you finding yourself out of ideas for your new direct mail designs this year? There are two choices when you are in a rut in designing print material really. One, you just stop, do something else and come back after an hour or even a whole day. Two, you can look at a lot of other amazing and inspirational examples to get your creative mind working again with whole new approaches to Direct Mail Designs.

If you do choose number two, then this article is all you will need. We have collected 50 number of great designs that we have found on the Web. May these inspirational works of direct mail art jog your mind and give you some new and fresh ideas for creating praise worthy direct mail marketing designs. So sit back and marvel at all these great designs.

Grey Canada – Card Talk

Grey Canada used an obscure technology called card talk and used it is a direct mail marketing piece which you can listen once you follow some simple instructions.

BT Blackberry

No they were not giving out free blackberries. For a stress free work environment they sent blackberry shaped “squishies” that you can squeeze for comfort.

DDB Germany

DDB Germany sent a 3D puzzle to be assembled using their quick drying glue to help. Turns out it was a vase mailed for direct mail marketing.

New England Electric

This one from New England Electric won both for design and performance. It was an interactive direct mail piece where you pull out the chimney to get to the rest of the message,

Best Treatment – Sweets

The company best treatment released a nice and sweet direct mail piece containing a cowboy hat and container of custom M&M sweets with their logo marked on M&M.


For that “Shock” or “Unusual” factor Arrowmac used this nice direct mail piece for people to be curious about. You won’t throw this direct mail piece until you know why it is weird like that. – Casino Mailer

From we see this nice work done for and their casino division. They mail paper wallets with a pull out part that is a print out of money (fake though). The marketing offer though has the same value.  A real eye-catcher definitely.

Adobe – Print is not dead

In this award winner for direct mail designs, Adobe’s Print is not dead message comes alive in their mailer that has a vintage style created by G2 San Francisco.

Lynne Forsyth

Demonstrating that simplicity and target marketing can win direct mail marketing awards, this mailer for Lynne Forysth has a simple design, but since it was targeted correctly to its market it gained some great attention.

Oxfam – Scratch mailer

With a little use of “scratch” psychology students from Korea created this award winning direct mailer that has dramatic effect. Since most people wanted to scratch off the scratch parts of prints, they used this to encourage people to use coins to scratch off what the kid was thinking. From there we get a nice message of how that coin can help kids in Africa.

There are so many creative things you can do with direct mail prints. If you have a great idea of your own, you can easily have it done by professional direct mail printers like All you need is the right idea that will always intrigue customers and encourage them to keep that direct mail piece.

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